Mobile Cloud is a cloud based data management tool that helps you create dynamic forms on any Mobile device like iPhone, iPad or Android. You could pick and choose to create a dynamic form that has text fields, multi choice fields including bar code scanning buttons in your form. Any kind of data push to Mobile devices or data submission back to the cloud is made easy and simple. This tool is a great fit if you have field staff working for you that gets tasks assigned on a regular basis and update statuses back to you when the tasks are accomplished.

Getting Started

1) Sign up and Configure your Mobile forms ( Define your field names and types of field or scan buttons etc)
2) Generate a template of spreadsheet and load all your field staff information including their iPhone UUID and phone numbers
3) Generate a template of Data spreadsheet that your want to push and receive from mobile devices
4) Load all the data into the Mobile Cloud

That's it. You have done it. All your field staff mobile devices are loaded with this cloudToMobile iPhone/iPad/Android application with all the data loaded. Beautiful dynamic forms are also built for them to complete and push the statuses back to the Cloud.

Click here to watch a field user iPhone in action

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